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Choosing the best Agency means research, research and more research. Checking through reviews, team credentials, and getting proposals and audits.

Digital transformation not only improves efficiency and decision-making but it also provides a platform for superior customer experiences and global reach. With increased agility, improved collaboration, and competitive differentiation, digitalization is no longer optional – it’s an essential business practice.

The final reason why keyword research is important for SEO is that it helps generate new content ideas. And bring added value to the target issues that customers are looking for.

Optimize your files, your semantics, the robots.txt that tells Google’s robots which pages of your site they should index, the format of your URLs, keeping only the keywords, your pages and content, your XML sitemap file.
Speed up the loading time of your site’s pages, check the size of your images and the weight of your videos.
Migrate your site to https for greater security

This mainly involves generating quality backlinks from other sites, but also from other vectors such as content marketing, influencer-driven publications, social networks, customer reviews, local citations and e-reputation.

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